COVID Safety Procedures

Arrival Procedures:
All cadets, and staff will do the following before entering the facility:
  1. Complete a Health Check at home and not come if they have any symptoms.
  2. Read the COVID-19 signage.
  3. Report to the COVID Safety Officer for attendance at the entrance to their designated training building (Old Mill Boat House (OMBH) or Cadet Hall). 
  4. All adult staff including volunteers shall provide proof of vaccination at each exercise unless record is held by the unit with the written consent of the individual.
  5. Ensure they have and are wearing at minimum a non-medical mask (NMM).
  6. Sanitize their hands
COVID Safety Briefing: Will occur for all personnel at beginning of training night and be conducted by the COVID Safety Officer for each designated building. 
Masks: Masks will be always worn.  They shall be at minimum a Non-Medical Mask (NMM) issued by the corps.  The use of higher-level mask such as N95 shall be at the expense of the individual.
Physical Distancing:  Physical distancing of 2m will always be required.  Only cadets and instructional staff shall access the facilities.  Classes, including drill conducted inside OMBH and Cadet Hall shall be done with seating/spacing set up at a minimum of 2m.  Staff, including senior cadets shall be present to direct cadets, as necessary.  Cadets will be distanced at 2m intervals during breaks and meal periods and gathering shall not be permitted.
Handwashing: Cadets have been briefed to hand wash before arriving. All will sanitize hands upon entry to the building, and before exiting.  Sanitizer will be on hand for the entire activity.  Sanitizing wipes will be available and used to wipe down all equipment prior to next relay use.  Both OMBH and Cadet Hall have washroom facilities to wash hands as required.  Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes shall be available at entry points and for all classes.
Food/Water: Food should not be required on recurring Wednesday night training however any snacks and food shall be the responsibility of each individual cadet/staff member and food shall not be shared.  All staff and cadets will be reminded to bring their own water and bottle.  Bottled water will be available for those that have not brought sufficient water along with a marker to clearly label the water bottle to not have cross contamination.

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